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Fashion brands like Wearline stand out in an ever-changing market. Forward-thinking people have made it their favorite choice for its unique blend of style, quality and innovation. Innovation is what sets Wearline apart from other brands. Cutting-edge designs and styles are always introduced by the brand. The wearline collection always pushes the boundaries of fashion.

Keeping high quality materials at the heart of the products. In addition to being stylish, the brand's clothing is durable and long-lasting thanks to its premium materials. Every stitch and seam is carefully crafted to perfection by Wearline, demonstrating their attention to detail.

If you think that as a who is passionate about shoes, you need to possess only polished formals and sky-high heels, think again.

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The fashion scene is in turmoil with the return of Martine Sitbon. The Rev collection is a modern interpretation of its archival pieces. A contemporary take on archival pieces, Rev is the legendary designer’s new line. A press release describes her style as feminine, loose, flowing, referencing the past while looking to the future. These androgynous silhouettes will be created with the collaboration of Italian artisans.

During Paris Fashion Week and a showroom in Milan, the collection will be presented. In the fashion world, Martine Sitbon is known for her rock’n’romantic style. At the age of ten, she left Morocco to settle in Paris. Following her studies at Studio Berçot, she founded and closed a design company. Alongside Chloé, she was creative director of Byblos until 2001. In 2006, Jimmy Chan launched Rue du Mail, but it is now on hold.